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October 2017

Integrated Financial Settlements, Inc. (IFS) Launches New Company: Structures

October 2, 2017

ATLANTA – Integrated Financial Settlements, Inc. (IFS) is proud to announce the launch of Structures, a new company in the settlements industry that is committed to creating innovative and dynamic settlement solutions for stakeholders in the settlement process.

Structures was formed out of a desire to expand the structured settlements marketplace, and to address the ever-changing needs of its clients by offering a broad range of tax-efficient settlement solutions for stakeholders in the settlement process.  The IFS companies are the largest writers of structured settlement annuities in the United States, holding a 41% market share through its four structured settlement agencies, which produce approximately $2.4 billion in structured settlement annuity sales annually. The IFS companies have provided structured settlement services to their clients for over four decades and are widely recognized for the knowledge and expertise their consultants possess in resolving the most challenging issues that arise for stakeholders in the settlement process.