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Settlement Solutions

Providing sustainable partnerships to meet unique needs.

Settlement Solutions

In addition to our innovative structured settlement programs, Structures offers comprehensive settlement solutions to address distribution of settlement proceeds, Lien Resolution, Medicare compliance and paying foreign-nationals living outside the United States.

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Solutions for the most challenging circumstances of settlement proceed distribution.

Qualified Settlement Fund Administration

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Through our partnership with Providio, we can help identify cases that may require assistance with disbursement of settlement proceeds through Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF) administration. QSFs provide time to make difficult decisions when there are multiple participants and differing goals or objectives in the settlement disbursement process.

Lien Resolution

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Our partnership with Providio provides assistance with lien resolution. Whether mass tort or single event cases, Providio can resolve liens faster.

Medicare Set-Asides

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If you are in the process of settling a workers’ compensation or liability claim, it is important to understand the requirements to protect your eligibility. We can evaluate your situation and help establish a Medicare Set-Aside when appropriate.

International Wire Solutions

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We offer an International Wire Program as a solution to overcome barriers associated with non-U.S. citizens who want to receive the benefits of a structured settlement annuity.