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The Leader in Tax-Advantaged Settlement Solutions

Structures is the innovation hub for manufacturing the most cutting-edge settlement solutions and financial programs for plaintiffs and their legal counsel. Our team is equipped with the expertise to offer solutions that address some of the most difficult tax considerations.

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Bringing much needed tax planning solutions and forward-thinking investment strategies to the arena of structuring attorney fees.

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Combining the tax advantages of a structured settlement with market-related returns created specifically for injured parties.

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Providing enhanced security with US government obligations held in a periodic payment trust.

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Comprehensive Programs To Meet
Unique Settlement Needs

Structures has developed several unique programs for contingency fee attorneys and settlement recipients. The flexibility of our programs allows clients to utilize them not only in physical injury cases, but in many different applications, including areas such as attorney fees from non-physical injury cases, installment sale transactions, employment litigations, environmental litigations, celebrity endorsements, and many other situations.


Insurance-Based Programs

Settlement Solutions:

Qualified Settlement Fund Admin.
Lien Resolution
Medicare Set-Asides
International Wire Solution

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Settlement Management Trusts
Special Needs Trusts
Pooled Trusts

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An Experienced Team with your Financial Future in Mind

Structures offers an exceptional support team that is dedicated to providing superior service to its customers anywhere in the country. This extensive network of knowledge combined with decades of experience allows our professionals to pioneer the most creative and cost-effective solutions available in the marketplace.

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