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Are you getting the most out of your contingency fees?


A tax management Market-Based program for attorneys working under contingency fee agreements.

If you are an attorney, this exclusive program brings much-needed tax planning solutions and forward-thinking investment strategies to the arena of structuring attorney fees — allowing attorneys to invest those fees in something other than a traditional annuity.
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You work hard for your legal fees. It’s time to let your fees work hard for you.

With FSP, the lawyer has investment flexibility and the opportunity to potentially realize a greater rate of return on their investments.

A new approach to legal fee structures.


Potential for Income and Tax-Deferral

By deferring income and taxation, the full amount of the contingency fee may be placed into the program pre-tax, allowing for more growth than if the fee were taken as a lump sum and invested post-taxation.

Diversification of Funds

Fee Structure Plus can help attorneys achieve asset-class diversification to address income, retirement planning, operating expenses, and other financial needs.

Benefit from Market-Related Returns

In addition to tax-deferral on contingency fees, deferred funds may be allocated to market-related investment portfolios.

Periodic Payments to Meet Individual Needs

Periodic payments are designed to deliver the flexibility and customization needed to meet an attorney’s specific financial goals. Attorneys can manage their tax burden by distributing payments over several years or deferring payments to a time or place when their tax rate is lower.

Open Architecture Solution

Attorneys can now select a passive or active investment management approach using a respected financial institution or their personal financial advisor. This allows for the investment to work in conjunction with their specific needs and overall wealth management strategy.

Helping attorneys maximize the full value of their fees

Attorneys now have the option to let their contingency fees be managed by their own personal financial advisor or an established and reputable financial institution that has been designated for the program.

If attorneys want their fees to be invested pursuant to a comprehensive investment plan as of their choosing or with the guidance of their financial advisor — on a fully tax-deferred basis — the compounding opportunity provided by FSP can’t be beat!

Why the most successful attorneys choose Fee Structure Plus®

“If you are considering an attorney fee structure, do yourself a favor and inquire about Fee Structure Plus®. The options and flexibility afforded by the program are truly unique and advantageous to contingency fee attorneys.” John F. Romano, Esq., Romano Law Group, West Palm Beach, FL

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